The Toby Carvery Survey: Providing Better Service

Online surveys have become the new mode of assessing the level of customer satisfaction. It also allows the customers to enter their feedback regarding the services they experienced. If a visit at a restaurant was not what you expected; maybe the food was too spicy, the crew a little rude or unhelpful or the restroom not up to mark; you can register your dissatisfaction on the restaurant’s online surveys. Today, online surveys are the norm. An increasing number of companies, firms, businesses etc. provide their online surveys. Similarly, Toby Carvery-the British restaurant chain, also provides its customers with its online survey. The Toby Carvery Survey can be found at


Toby Carvery is a British restaurant chain. It is operated by Mitchells and Butlers. The Toby Carvery restaurants provide British cuisine, breakfast, sandwiches, and drinks etc. The restaurant chain operates about 150 restaurants across the United Kingdom and has 4500 people employed under it. Toby Carvery restaurants carry the slogan ‘Home of the Roast’.


To take the Toby Carvery Survey, you should have the following:

  1. Internet access
  2. A computer or cell phone
  3. Basic comprehension of English
  4. An invitation to take the survey
  5. A Toby Carvery receipt from your previous visit
  6. Some extra time to spare


In order, to take the Toby Carvery Survey, proceed as follows:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the location of the restaurant you visited
  3. Enter the time and date of visit. This will be on your receipt
  4. Proceed to questions
  5. Answer all the questions as honestly as possible. Do not hesitate to criticize.
  6. Utilize the space given for the open-ended questions. Name an employee who has been of exceptional service to you; if you recall the name
  7. Enter your contact information
  8. You can choose to be given weekly updates and news
  9. Click on ‘Finish’ to submit the survey


The Toby Carvery Survey is quite detailed and thorough. It gives due attention to all the major aspects of service like the cleanliness, environment, food and drinks, portion of food, seating etc. These are some of the things that a person will encounter during his visit to a Toby Carvery restaurant.  The participant is also asked to name an employee/s that had been of exceptional service. This will encourage the named person to work harder and make your visit even more memorable.  The participant can also shed light upon the things that could make the experience even better. This shows the chain’s commitment to provide the best possible service there can be to the customers.

The survey takes about 7 minutes to complete. Some may perceive it as a little lengthy as compared to other online surveys. Furthermore, a ‘progress’ indicator should also be provided which shows the percentage of the survey completed.

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