The Tesco Survey! Ensuring Your Happiness

Attaining customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of any business. If customers are satisfied and happy with the service they receive, the company can be rest assured of a long term success. However, with low levels of customer satisfaction, the company has no future until it takes steps to do away with the dissatisfaction. Online surveys are one way of getting feedback and assessing customer satisfaction. They are popular and an increasing number of businesses and companies are providing them. This is because they are quick and efficient. All a person needs is an internet connection and some spare time to take the survey. Tesco also provides its online survey. The Tesco Survey is available at


Tesco is a grocery and merchandise retailer. It was started in 1919 in Hackney, London, England by Jack Cohen. The retailing company’s headquarters are in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire. Tesco has more than six thousand stores and operates superstores, hyper markets and supermarkets. Tesco has stores in twelve countries in Europe and Asia including Ireland, Hungary and Thailand.

It is very difficult to maintain such a large business. It is also important to gain customer confidence by making the company accessible to its customers. This is where the online Tesco Survey comes in.


In order to take the Tesco Survey, the participant has to make sure that he or she has the following things required:

  1. A cell phone or computer
  2. Reliable internet access
  3. Access to the survey website
  4. An invitation to take the survey
  5. A recent receipt from your visit to a Tesco store
  6. Some spare time


The Tesco Survey is an easy endeavour. All you need to do is make sure you have the above mentioned things at your disposal and repeat the following steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the four digit code from your receipt. Hence, keep the receipt with you when you sit down to take the survey
  3. Hit the tab ‘Enter the Survey’ and proceed to questions
  4. Answer all questions as honestly as you can. Keep in mind your last visit to the store while doing the survey. And do not shy away from rendering criticism. Constructive criticism is what the company needs
  5. Enter your personal details
  6. And you are done!


The Tesco Survey is quick and easy to take. It asks little of the customer’s time and this makes it extremely customer friendly. Furthermore, by taking the survey, you can win a Tesco gift card too which is another thing to look forward to. The survey entertains all the major aspects of service for example the cleanliness, the behaviour if the employees, the stock and variety of products, the checkout, the monetary feasibility of the products and the overall experience etc. The survey should also consider the ease of parking, security and emergency precautions taken etc.

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