Increasing Customer Confidence: One Subway Survey At A Time

If you want to convey your complaints, concerns or appraisal regarding Subway, then you are more than welcome to do so by ticking away answers on the Subway Survey found at

About Subway:

Subway is categorized as amongst the fastest growing franchises in the world. It specializes in the submarine sandwich or the sub. And apart from it, it produces baked goods as well like cookies and muffins. In the United States alone, Subway has more than 26000 branches. Globally the franchise boasts more than 44000 branches in 112 countries.

To ensure that Subway continues to prosper the way it is so doing, the franchise has to ensure that its customers are satisfied and happy. Clever business are aware of the power of their customers, and thus deem it of paramount importance to make it easier for customers to convey their criticism and complaints regarding the service that they experienced in any of the branches present anywhere in the world.

You Should Have:

The Subway Survey is designed to make sure that the customers feel free to communicate their responses. They can access the survey through their computers or via their mobile phones. This is what makes accessibility to the survey extremely easy and comfortable. In order to express one’s responses regarding their experience at a Subway branch, you should have:

  1. Internet at your disposal
  2. Access to
  3. Some moments to spare

How To Start:

You can take the one minute Subway Survey within 30 days of your visit to any Subway branch. The Subway Survey does not ask for lengthy responses, but it targets precise aspects of service for example, the quality of food, friendliness of the crew, cleanliness, atmosphere and monetary feasibility. The customers can tick in their response on a scale of 0 to 10. Before beginning the Subway Survey, you are asked to enter the:

  1. Store number
  2. Receipt number
  3. Date and time of visit
  4. Mode of payment i.e. through cash or credit card

The Subway Survey

Apart from multiple choice questions, the Subway Survey also asks of its customers what they enjoyed about the visit and how to make the service even better. This ensures that the customer is given enough space in order to candidly communicate their complaints and concerns. At the end of the survey the responder is provided with a ‘validation code’ that they can redeem and enjoy a free delectable Subway cookie on their next visit. The best part of the Subway Survey is that it asks customers to spare only sixty seconds from their busy lives and is over before you know it. Hence, its efficacy increases because it is a time savvy way ofexpressing one’s feelings regarding service at Subway. The presence of progress indicator in the form of numbers from 1 to 4 at the top of the web page throughout the survey also ensures that responders are aware of how much of the survey is left and will not leave it incomplete.

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