Jo-Ann Survey: Increasing Customer Confidence

At, frequent customers or first time visitors are given the Jo-Ann Survey. Though unavailable at the moment, the Jo-Ann Survey entails many benefits; not only to shoppers but also to the company itself. Through the survey, participants express their opinion regarding service. They get a chance to criticize, praise and tell what can be improved. This way the company can assuage the dissatisfaction before it is too late and stop the customers from looking for other stores.


Jo-Ann Stores specialize in the production of fabrics and crafts. Jo-Ann is a retail company founded in 1943 in Cleveland, Ohio. Currently, Jill Soltau acts as the CEO of the retailer. Jo-Ann has stores in 49 states in America, with the exception of Hawaii.


Taking the Jo-Ann Survey will serve as a mode of communication between the customers and the company administration. Every customer who feels that their complaint, feedback, praise or opinion should be heard by the Jo-Ann Stores’ administration must take the Jo-Ann Survey. You will need the following to take the survey:

  1. A computer or cell phone
  2. Internet availability
  3. A Jo-Ann Stores receipt from your recent visit. Hence make sure not to lose the receipt before you take the survey
  4. Access to
  5. Basic comprehension of English


With all the above checked, you are now ready to take the Jo-Ann Survey. Proceed as follows:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your email address
  3. With the help from your receipt, enter the following: date, time, 6 digit store number, 2 digit register number and 7 digit transaction number
  4. Answer all the questions honestly. Keep in mind your last visit at a Jo-Ann Fabric and crafts store. Don’t hesitate to criticize
  5. Enter your personal information
  6. You are done!

The Jo-Ann Survey

The Jo-Ann Survey is easy and time savvy. The participant will not require more than two minutes taking it. The questions have been constructed as such that anyone with a basic understanding of the English language will be able to fill it effortlessly. The Jo-Ann Survey also shows a ‘progress’ bar in the middle of the web page. However, to become more customer friendly, the progress bar should also indicate the percentage of the survey completed. Also, the customer should be given a choice of more than one language to choose from. Rather than English being the default language, French or Spanish should also be optioned. Every webpage also has three tabs in the middle; ‘Next’ ‘Back’ and ‘Clear’. This way if the participant has second thoughts and wants to edit an answer, he/she can easily do so. As a token of appreciation, the participant is also offered a 50% off coupon, which will be mailed at the given address to the participant. The customer can then happily redeem the coupon on the next visit.

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