‘Tell Us How We Did!’ – The Boston Pizza Survey

The Boston Pizza Survey is an online mode of communication between the customers and the top tier administration. It ensures that the feedback that the customers provide is heard and due action taken to maintain and increase the rate of customer satisfaction.


Boston Pizza or BP was opened in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in 1964. It is a Canadian food chain that has its restaurants in various locations in Canada, Mexico, and the United States. To be precise, there are 348 Boston Pizza locations in Canada and 40 in Mexico and USA. With its headquarters in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, the food chain serves pizza, hamburgers, ribs, pasta, entrees, and salads.


The Boston Pizza Survey, currently available at www.tellbostonpizza.com, is a convenient way of conveying customer feedback to the food chain. This way, the problems encountered, if any, during your visit will be taken care of in due time. In order to take the survey, you will need:

  1. A computer or cell phone
  2. Reliable Internet connectivity
  3. A Boston Pizza receipt from a previous visitation. Thus be certain not to lose the receipt before you take the survey
  4. A Boston Pizza Survey invitation
  5. Access to www.tellbostonopizza.com
  6. Basic comprehension of English or Spanish


Once you have all the above mentioned at your disposal, you can take the Boston Pizza Survey easily. Proceed as follows:

  1. Access www.tellbostonpizza.com
  2. Choose a language you are comfortable in; English or Spanish
  3. Enter the 4 digit code printed on your survey invitation
  4. Type in the 4 digit code by consulting your receipt. Hence, keep the receipt and invitation in front of you when you sit down to take the survey
  5. Remember your latest experience at Boston Pizza. Give each answer candidly. You are encouraged to criticize or highlight some aspect of service
  6. Jot down the redemption code, and redeem it on your next visit to the food chain


The Boston Pizza Survey is a smart way of getting feedback. When the participant takes the survey in a comfortable environment, he/she will be thorough and more candid. The survey demands the participant to take out less than two minutes. The customer isn’t bombarded with questions, but all the questions are to the point and seem sufficient. The participants is asked about; the employees, the environment of the restaurant, the prices, quality and quantity, freshness of food etc. However, the survey should also allow the participant to shed light on the ease of parking, security and emergency precautions exercised at the restaurant. A progress bar is also present at the bottom of the webpage throughout the survey. The progress bar should also indicate the percentage of the survey completed. There should also be a tab allowing the participant to go back to the previous webpage, if he/she has second thoughts and wants to edit an answer.

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