The Baskin Robbins Survey: Assessing Customer Response

Surveys help gauge the overall satisfaction and dissatisfaction level that customers harbour. This allows the franchise, company, business etc. to take the necessary steps to do away with the dissatisfaction, before it’s too late and the customers start looking elsewhere. The Baskin Robbins Survey is such an example of a policy to entertain the customers and help them register their complaints. The Baskin Robbins Survey is currently available at Customers can now easily log into their computers or cell phones, take the brief survey and make sure their criticism and feedback is heard.


Baskin Robbins was established in 1945 and is the biggest chain of ice cream specialty shop restaurants in the world. Apart from the States, Baskin-Robbins functions in 50 countries and has 7500 shops in places like Panama, Curacao, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, Armenia, Aruba, Honduras etc. The ice cream chain offers various flavours of ice cream, frozen treats, beverages and ice cream cakes.

The Baskin Robbins Survey allows the chain to be in touch with the fluctuating consumer demands. Catering to customers of different ethnicities is not an easy feat. The Baskin Robbins Survey permits customers to convey what they feel and what they want to be improved in the survey. This has two fold benefits; for the company and for the customers. The company maintains/increases its standards of success and revenue and the customers enjoy frozen treats with improvements.


In order to fill the Baskin Robbins Survey, you should have:

  1. Access to reliable internet
  2. A Baskin Robbins survey invitation and receipt
  3. Some spare time


The Baskin Robbins Survey can be completed in the following easy steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Select a language you prefer from French, English, and Spanish
  3. Enter the 18 digit code, printed on your Baskin Robbins receipt. Hence, be very careful where you put your receipt. Don’t lose it until you have taken the survey
  4. You can also enter the store number or the PC number found on your survey card
  5. Answer the questions keeping in mind your last visit to the ice cream chain
  6. Be candid and honest. Do not hesitate to criticize
  7. Give your contact details for promotions
  8. At the end of the survey, you will be given a validation code. Jot it down on your receipt and redeem the offer on your next visit to a Baskin Robbins


The Baskin Robbins Survey is to the point and brief. It allows you to give in definite answers about the accuracy of order, speed of service, quality and quantity of products and the behaviour of the crew. However, participants should also be questioned regarding the overall atmosphere and cleanliness of the restaurant. Furthermore, customers should be asked to compare the branch they visited with other Baskin Robbins branches and with other restaurants in the area. This will help diagnose faults and check competition. The redeeming offer at the end of the survey is also a smart customer centric tool.

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