The Rite Aid Survey: Getting Customer Response The Right Way!

Online Surveys make it extremely smooth to bring in customer response without added delay. On the other hand, the participant filling information in the online survey does not need to stand in long queues or file extensive paperwork just to get his/her point across to the company or business headquarters. He/she can simply take online surveys while sitting comfortably on an easy chair at home. Online surveys are one of the many advantages that technology has garnered. People can enter their feedback and register their complaints to company head offices thousands of miles away with a simple click of the mouse. Rite Aid is also counted among such companies which grant online surveys to its customers.  The Rite Aid Survey can be found at the address


Rite Aid is an American drugstore chain. It is also counted amongst the venerated list of the Fortune 500. It was established in 1962 in Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA by Alex Grass. Rite Aid has its current headquarters in East Pennsboro, Pennsylvania. The company employs more than 88000 people and has 4600 plus branches. At a Rite Aid drugstore, one can easily buy pharmaceutical products. Rite Aid is considered to be the third largest drugstore chain in the United States.


The Rite Aid Survey necessitates that the participant should have the following in order to take the survey:

  1. Basic comprehension of English or Spanish
  2. A computer, laptop or a mobile phone
  3. Access to the survey at
  4. An invitation to take the survey
  5. A Rite Aid receipt from your previous visit to the store
  6. Must be an authorized citizen of the United States
  7. Your age must be 18 or above
  8. Should have some time to spare


When you have made sure that you are eligible to take the Rite Aid Survey, proceed as follows:

  1. Access
  2. Select a language you would like to take the survey in; English or Spanish
  3. Enter the cashier code and the 16 digit code. Both of these will be found on your Rite Aid receipt. Hence keep it with you when you sit down to take the survey
  4. Click on ‘Next’
  5. Proceed to questions. Answer all the questions as honestly as possible, keeping in mind your last visit to the store
  6. Enter your contact information. You can also choose to enter into the sweepstakes


The Rite Aid Survey asks questions about all the major aspects of service that the customer is likely to encounter on his visit. These include the cleanliness, employee behaviour, stock, checkout etc. The progress bar at the bottom also indicates the extent of the survey completed. The survey also asks about the cleanliness of the store restroom and the employee who provided exceptional assistance. This is a means of carrying out an important task of business i.e. appreciating employees and encouraging them to work harder. The Rite Aid Survey itself is pretty comprehensible and demands little time.

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