Making Sure You Have A Great Experience: The Olive Garden Survey

Surveys help gauge the level of customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction regarding food, products or service. There are a great number of companies, businesses and food chains that provide online surveys for their customers.  This way the customers can enter their responses easily. The feedback they give is assessed and the complaints and issues which crop out in the course of service are seen too and taken care of. Online surveys incorporate smart policies and technology in order to maintain customer satisfaction. Similarly, Olive Garden also provides its customers with the opportunity to take its online survey. The Olive Garden Survey is currently found at


Olive Garden is an Italian cuisine restaurant chain. It was established in 1982 in Orlando, Florida, USA by Bill Darden. Olive Garden serves its customers with mainly Italian food like pasta, chicken, seafood, salads and bread sticks.  Olive Garden operates its branches on an international level and has its restaurants in many countries. The casual dining restaurant chain has more than 800 locations globally. It also makes up a revenue of 3.8 billion dollars. The Olive Garden Survey helps manage its restaurants by taking quick customer response.


To take the Olive Garden Survey, you should have the following:

  1. A computer or cell phone
  2. Reliable Internet connection
  3. Invitation to take the survey
  4. An Olive Garden receipt
  5. Must be 18 years or older of age
  6. Should be a legal citizen of USA, Puerto Rico or Canada
  7. Some spare time


To fill the Olive Garden Survey, continue as follows:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the ID number printed on your receipt
  3. Enter the type of your visit and your seating
  4. Answer all questions keeping in mind your last visit to the Olive Garden. Do not hesitate to render any kind of criticism. Your honest opinion is what is most needed
  5. Make good use of the space provided for open ended questions. Tell how your experienced could have been made better
  6. Enter your valid contact details
  7. You are done!


The Olive Garden Survey has been designed to illicit to the point responses from its customers. It is really customer friendly and thorough too. The presence of a progress bar throughout the survey means that the participant is well aware of the percentage of survey completed and will not leave it incomplete midway, thinking that it will take a lot of time. The survey talks about the behaviour and knowledge of the crew, the speed of service, the value of money for the food, the temperature, portion and appearance of food etc.  This shows that the survey is really detailed. The Olive Garden Survey also provides its customers with open ended question on what can be done to improve service andwhat the participant most liked about the visit. If the customer feels that something is amiss in the mcqs, he/she can talk about it in the blank space given. However, the answers to the questions should not be limited to a specific amount of characters.

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