Lifetouch Employee Engagement Survey: For Better Future (EXPIRED)

What a company is without its employees? What a company is without happy employee? These are the questions that must be considered. Employees are the tires of company, without them, company cannot work. Lifetouch not only conduct survey for its customer, it also conducts survey for its employees. It is very important for a company to take its employees with it for a successful journey.


Life Touch is a photography enterprise in the United States. It focuses on capturing the portraits of millions of preschool, elementary, junior and senior high school students. There is another category – Lifetouch Church Directories and Portraits that mainly serves churches, religious communities, and other organizations. They also have an option where your home videos and photos can be placed into cloud storage and shared on various modern devices. The astonishing thing about Life Touch is that this business actually does give back to the community in more ways than one. They contribute towards various charitable organizations, children’s homes and feed the needy programs.


Lifetouch invites its employees to enter into survey – where you will be asked to provide honest remarks about their time at the company.


Companies have made some requirements for the customers to fulfill before they wish to start the survey. These requirements are:

  • You should have an electronic device like Laptop, Mobile, Tablet or Computer.
  • You should have good internet connectivity to access the survey website.
  • To be eligible for survey, you should have made purchase at Lifetouch to have either store receipt or survey invitation.
  • You should be of age to take the survey.


Following steps will help you in completing the survey accurately:

  1. Complete Lifetouch Employee Engagement Survey by going to survey site at –
  2. Follow the instructions present on the survey site.
  3. You will be presented with number of questions. These questions are related to your recent visit to the store.
  4. Rate some situations according to your like and dislike.
  5. At the end, submit the survey.

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