The Home Depot Survey: Tell Us About Our Service!

Surveys are a quick and easy mode of communication. Online surveys permit customers to connect with the administration. If a customer buys a certain product from a retail store and is not satisfied with it, he can now directly communicate his dissatisfaction by taking the company’s online survey. Customers of The Home Depot are lucky enough to have been given a chance to take the retailing company’s online survey at Though, the survey is not available at the moment, the customers should consider taking it once it comes back online. It proves that the company is determined and quite driven to satisfy its customers.


The Home Depot is an American retail company. It was founded in 1978 in Marietta, Georgia, USA. It was founded by Arthur Blank, Ron Brill, Bernard Marcus and Pat Farrah.  At the present, The Home Depot’s headquarters are in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.  A customer at a The Home Depot store can buy home appliances, lumber, hardware, tools, paint, building materials, flooring, plumbing, plants and garden supplies.  The company has more than 2000 stores and the number of the people employed under it exceeds 380,000. The Home Depot has stores in USA, Mexico, and Canada.


The Home Depot Survey makes it easy to reach out and connect with customers who frequent the 2000+ stores. To take The Home Depot Survey, you are requested to make sure you have the following:

  1. A computer or mobile phone
  2. A reliable internet connection
  3. A valid invitation to take part in the survey
  4. A receipt of The Home Depot from your previous visit to one of the stores.
  5. You should be an authorized citizen of the United States or Canada
  6. You should be able to comprehend one of the three languages given in the drop down menu to choose from: English, French and Spanish
  7. You should have some spare time on your hands


Once you are certain that you have the above-mentioned things, you are ready to take the survey. Do as follows:

  1. Go to
  2. Choose the preferred language
  3. Enter the zip code, user ID and password. These will be printed on your The Home Depot receipt. Hence be careful when you are given the receipt. More importantly, keep it in front of you want taking the survey
  4. Answer all the questions honestly
  5. You can choose to enter into the sweepstakes


The Home Depot Survey is customer friendly because it allows the participant to choose from three languages; English, Spanish or French, rather than setting English as the default language. The questions are easy to handle and thorough. On top of it the customer is done with the survey in no time. All the major aspects of service are entertained; the employee utility and friendliness, cleanliness, quality and quantity of products, monetary feasibility of merchandise etc. However, attention should also have been given towards the parking, security and emergency precautions exercised in the store.

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