Understanding Your Customers: The Hard Rock Café Survey

Communicating with their customers is the golden rule of business. One cannot entertain the notion of a prosperous business without taking into consideration what the clientele makes of the services and the products provided. The customers’ opinion cannot go unheard for a long time. Action has to be taken to assuage customer grievances in due time before it gets too late. Accessibility to customers is thus of paramount importance. For firms and companies operating across the globe, learning about what the customers make of services becomes trickier and more important. This is because; a diverse pool of people ranging from different nationalities and ethnicities has to be catered to. Online surveys make it easier for clients and companies/chains to communicate. The Hard Rock Café Survey is one such example of an online survey. Presently, it can be found at www.hardrocksurvey.com.


The Hard Rock Café is a chain of themed restaurants. It was founded in 1971 by Peter Morton and Isaac Tigrette in Piccadilly, London. In 2007, the Seminole Tribe of Florida bought Hard Rock and since then it has been based in Orlando, Florida, USA. The Hard Rock Café Inc. operates casinos, hotels and restaurants in 59 countries.


To take the Hard Rock Survey, you must have the following:

  1. A computer or cell phone
  2. Reliable internet access
  3. Access to www.hardrocksurvey.com
  4. An invitation to take the survey
  5. A recent Hard Rock receipt from your previous visit
  6. Basic understanding of English or one of the other languages given
  7. Some spare time


Once you know that you have the above mentioned things at your disposal, you are ready to take the Hard Rock Survey:

  1. Go to www.hardrocksurvey.com
  2. Choose a language you are comfortable in
  3. Enter the 15 digit purchase code, time and date of visit, employee name (if provided). You will be able to find the purchase code on your receipt. Hence, don’t lose the receipt before you take the survey
  4. Answer all the questions as honestly as you can
  5. Enter your valid contact information. You can choose to get regular Hard Rock news and updates
  6. You are done!


The Hard Rock Café Survey is very customer friendly. It allows its customers to talk about the major aspects concerning service. These include the quality and taste of food, the behaviour and attitude of the employees, the overall cleanliness and maintenance of the restaurant, the monetary value in terms s of the food and the services enjoyed etc.  One of the striking features of the Hard Rock Survey is that it allows the participant to choose from a range of 20 languages. Apart from English, these include Turkish, Greek, Chinese, Dutch, Arabic, French and Italian. The survey gives space to participant to talk about his/her overall experience. If concerned for confidentiality, customers can click the ‘privacy policy’ tab. Though it the very thorough, the survey can also ask about the car parking facilities, security and emergency precautions at the restaurant.

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