Rating Your Experience: The Happy Star Reviews Survey

Online surveys have become a popular trend, exercised by an increasing number of companies and businesses. This is because online surveys provide a quick and easy mode of communication between the customers and the company. The company administration can now easily assess the satisfaction and the dissatisfaction level of its customers with virtual interaction. Even if a restaurant chain’s headquarters are in one corner of the world, online surveys have now made it possible to collect customer responses from a particular branch, thousands of miles away. This makes it possible to take action on the complaints and critiques received in due time. Online surveys are not only meant to shed light on the shortcomings in the performance of companies, but can also be used to render appreciation on a commendable aspect of service.  For example, the participant of an online survey can acknowledge an employee and be a means of encouraging him/her. Happy Star Reviews Survey is also an online survey. It is available at www.happystarreviews.com.


Happy Star Reviews conducts online surveys for food chains like Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. It acts as a reliable source for Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. to gauge the approval and disapproval ratings of their customers.


In order to take the Happy Star Reviews Survey, you must have the following things:

  1. A mobile or a computer
  2. Reliable internet access
  3. Ability to comprehend English
  4. Some spare time


Once you make sure that you have the above mentioned things, you are ready to take the Happy Star Reviews Survey:

  1. Go to www.happystarreviews.com
  2. Enter your date of birth
  3. Enter the date, time of visit and the location of the store
  4. Answer all the questions keeping in mind your last visit at Hardee’s or Carl’s Jr. Do not hesitate to render an sort of criticism
  5. Choose if you want to receive regular updates and if you want to enter into the sweepstakes
  6. Enter your valid contact information. Your phone number is not required
  7. You are done!


The Happy Star Reviews Surveys endeavours to get the participants’ response on the most likely aspects of service that they must have experienced at a Hardee’s or a Carl’s Jr. branch.  These include;  the speed of service, cleanliness of the restaurant and the restroom,  the food and the quality of ingredients, behaviour of the employees, accuracy of order and the side orders etc. The survey also provides the customer to delve on other issues that may have been neglected in the mcqs. The employee/s that may have gone out their way to help you are also asked to be appreciated and named. The survey also asks the participant to compare the branch they visited with other branches. The Happy Star Reviews Survey itself is very thorough and detailed; though a progress indicator indicating the percentage of the survey completed will be helpful to the customers in assessing how much of the survey is left. At the end, the customer can also enter into the sweepstakes and win big.

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