Better Service Through Phillips 66 Survey

Phillips66 makes it easier for its customers to convey their feedback in an easy, quick and efficient manner. By taking the Phillips 66 Survey, customers who regularly visit its many stations can frankly share their criticism, concerns, complaints and appraisal regarding the service they experienced.  Hence, people are highly encouraged to fill in the Phillips66 Survey with utmost veracity and make sure that the next time they visit one of its stations; they enjoy an improved level of service.


Phillips 66 is a multinational energy company with its headquarters in Houston, Texas. Currently, it has branches in 65 countries. The number of its employees exceeds 14000. Phillips 66 is among the top 100 on the Fortune Global 500 list in the year 2016. And among the top 50 on the Fortune 500 list.

In order to maintain and increase the level of company success, boost revenue and attract more customers, the Phillips 66 Survey is meant to judge company performance through the customer feedback it receives.


To convey your opinions to Phillips 66, you need to:

  1. Have a computer or cell phone with internet
  2. Be able to access the survey at the site
  3. Have possession of an invitation to take the survey and a recent receipt of Phillips 66
  4. Have some time to spare


  1. Access
  2. Enter in the 5 digit code of the station you recently visited, present on your station receipt.
  3. If you aren’t aware of the zip code, you can choose your location and address from the drop down menu and proceed.
  4. Click the ‘Begin Survey’ button on the next web page and formally begin the survey.
  5. Make sure you give in information honestly-as your answers are going to impact the way the services at Phillips 66 run.
  6. You will be asked to give in personal information in order to enter the lucky draw to win $25 gas card.


The Phillips 66 Survey is designed to ensure customer response. The questions are constructed in simple language, thus making them comprehensible and the survey customer friendly. Unlike most surveys, the Phillip 66 Survey poses one question at a time, rather than bombarding multiple questions at the participant. However, the absence of a progress indicator was greatly felt. A progress indicator is another customer friendly tool as it helps customers become aware of their progress through the survey. The survey also takes into account the facilities in the fuel station and the adjoining convenience store. The presence of a convenience store at the station also impacts the flow of customers. The behaviour of the employees, appearance and their ability to communicate with the customers is also given much importance in the survey. This means that the employees are made aware of the fact that their progress is being checked not only by the company officials but also by the customers. Thus, they will be encouraged to treat each and every customer with equal importance and represent the company in the best way they can. Through the Phillips 66 Survey, managing the performance and service of numerous stations in many places becomes easier and more effective.

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