Encouraging Customer Feedback: The Firehouse Subs Survey

Like many other smart businesses and franchises, Firehouse Subs offers its customers the power to bring about positive change, if they feel that the service isn’t up to mark. This happens in the shape of the Firehouse Subs Survey. Surveys are a tool that companies, chains, and the like employ to get to know the overall level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction that the customers harbour. Guaranteeing a foolproof performance is not easy. It is understood that there are supposed to be flaws in some aspect of service. Especially when it comes to huge restaurant chains sprinkled across the globe. The Firehouse Subs Survey, previously offered online at the URL; www.firehousefeedback, indicates the restaurant chain’s customer centric policy.


Firehouse Subs is a fast food restaurant chain founded by two brothers, previously firefighters, Robin Sorenson and Chris Sorenson. Founded in 1994, the food chain has headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida, USA. The number of its branches exceed 1040, and are interspersed across 44 states in America, including Puerto Rico and Mexico.


To take the Firehouse Subs Survey, the participant should have the following:

  1. A computer or cell phone
  2. Internet availability
  3. A Firehouse Subs receipt from your recent visit to the restaurant. Hence make sure not to lose the receipt after you have dined at a Firehouse Subs restaurant
  4. Access to www.firehousefeedback.com
  5. Capacity to comprehend English or Spanish


If all of the above mentioned things are available with you, you are ready to start the Firehouse Subs Survey:

  1. Go to www.firehousefeedback.com
  2. Enter the validation code and the total amount of money spent on the purchase. These will be printed on your Firehouse Subs receipt
  3. Hit the red ‘Start’ tab, and formally begin the survey
  4. Keeping in mind your previous visit to a Firehouse restaurant, answer all the questions veraciously. Don’t shy away from criticizing. Remember that it is constructive criticism that the food chain is looking for
  5. Note down the ‘Survey Completion Code’. You can redeem the offer on your next visit
  6. The survey also automatically enters you in the sweepstakes drawing
  7. With this you are done!


The Firehouse Survey is a constructive and a mutually benefiting endeavour to take part in. It demands little time and you are done before you know it. All the major aspects of service are taken care of, be it the cleanliness, crew, speed of service, atmosphere or the monetary feasibility. The ‘progress’ bar in the middle is also a helpful tool for the participant. The Firehouse Subs Survey takes into account not only the serving crew but the manager as well. And also helps identify the attire of a manager so to assist the customers differentiate between him and an employee.If the customer feels that the survey will not be enough to communicate what he/she wants, then the participant is also offered a visit by the food chain representative. This way, a participant can talk face to face and more openly about the concerns he/she may have.

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