Denny’s Survey: Ensuring Happy Customers

As customers, your opinion is of paramount importance. That is why Denny’s provides you with its survey, available at so that your queries and comments are heard and taken care of.


Denny’s, also called Denny’s Diner is a growing fast food chain. It also functions as a coffee shop and pancake house. It provides service round the clock and contrary to a lot of other restaurants, it does not close its doors to customers on holidays. Today, Denny’s has 16000 restaurants not only in the United States but also in Canada, UAE, Japan, Philippines, and New Zealand amongst others.

To maintain the credibility of its service and make sure that the customers who enter through the doors of its 16000 restaurants go away satisfied and happy, it is important to make sure that the demands, criticism, and complaints of the customers do not go unheard. The Denny’s Survey is designed to ensure that customers are given enough space to communicate their feelings regarding their Denny’s experience in a candid manner.This does not only help the franchise in improving its service and doing away the ills but it is also beneficial for the customers. The customers will enjoy better tasting food and service the next time they enter Denny’s.


The Survey becomes a mode of communication between the customers and the administration at Denny’s. In order to convey your message to Denny’s, you are requested to:

  1. Have a reliable service of internet
  2. easily access
  3. be in possession of the original Denny’s receipt from your last visit
  4. spare some time from you busy schedule


Once you have the above mentioned things at your disposal, you can start your Denny’s Survey:

  1. Access
  2. Select the language of your choice; English, French or Spanish
  3. Enter the survey code on your receipt; the ‘four digit code’ or the ‘more than four digits’ code.
  4. After this, you can proceed to the survey questions; however you are encouraged to answer questions truthfully.
  5. After finishing the survey, please note down the ‘validation code’, and enjoy the offer on your next visit.


The Denny’s Survey covers all the significant aspects of service; quality of food, speed of service, friendliness of employees, cleanliness, atmosphere and monetary feasibility. The Denny’s Survey also gives importance to the attitude of the employees and the branch managers which is proof of the franchise’s determination to improve its service. This also helps keep check on the various branches sprinkled across various countries. The survey also means that the branch employees and managers are kept on their toes 24/7 because the customers now have the power to rate their performance through the survey. Apart from this, the Denny’s Survey also ensures that the employees with good performance are credited and appreciated by the customers.

The Denny’s Survey encourages participants to give definite and to the point answers. The fact that it also highlights the services rendered by the employees means that the franchise is also aware of the importance of the managers and the lower tier management towards its success and ensuring happy customers.

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