Why you should download WalmartOne App?

Walmart stores are the largest hypermarket retailer in the United States. Walmart is basically a family store where the whole family can shop conveniently. As Walmart stores are everywhere in America this means that they also have a large number of employees to manage.

Walmart manages different activities of its employees through the WalmartOne employee portal. Employees can manage their work schedules, can check their paystubs and some other company-related information and updates through the WalmartOne platform.

About WM1 App

WalmartOne portal for employees can also be accessed through the WM1 App which is available on both Google Play Store (For Android) and Apple App store (For IOS devices).

WalmartOne App

Employees can access their work schedules and paystubs on WalmartOne App by logging in their WalmartOne user account. All the details can be accessed by logging in the WalmartOne website on the browser but WM1 App is more convenient to use than the browser as employees can manage their work schedules and shifts on the go.

Procedure to download the WM1 App for Android and iPhone

Follow the procedure explained below in order to download the WM1 App on your mobile phone.

· Connect your mobile with Internet Connection

In order to download any application on your mobile phone, you need to have an internet connection. So, get your mobile phone connected to a good internet.

· Open Play store or App Store on your device

Now open your respective app store in order to download the WM1 App.

· Search for WM1 App on the App Store

Do not write “WalmartOne” in the search bar of the App store, this won’t show you any results. Write “WM1” instead and you will be redirected to a new page. Through this page, you can download WM1 App.

· Install the WM1 App by following simple instructions

You are one step away from accessing the WM1 App. Just follow the instructions provided and install WM1 App.

How to register for WM1 App?

After installing the WM1 App you can easily use it by logging in your WalmartOne user account. But if you still don’t have a user account in order to use the WalmartOne portal then you have to register yourself first.

Steps for WalmartOne user account Registration on WM1 App

Follow these steps in order to get yourself registered for the WM1 App

1. Open WM1 App on your mobile phone

First of all, open the WM1 App on your mobile phone.

2. Look for the ‘Register Link’ on the Login screen

After opening the App now find the link through which you can register for the WM1 App. Register Link will be under the ‘Login’ option on the home screen.

3. Enter your WIN number and other personal details

After clicking the registration link now enter your respective WIN number and other credentials which include email, complete date of birth and date of hiring.

4. Choose Language from Drop-down Menu

You can select English or any other language that you want from the drop-down menu.

5. Click the ‘Go’ Button

After selecting the language now tap on the ‘Go’ button.

6. Tap the Submit Button after reviewing the details

‘Go’ button will redirect you to a new page. Review all your entered details and submit the form by clicking the submit button.

7. Create your WM1 App Username and Password

Follow further instructions and create your username and password for your WalmartOne user account.

Log in the procedure for WM1 App

If you are already a registered user of WM1 App then you can follow these to log in the WM1 App

· Open WM1 App on your mobile phone

If you want to log in to your account on WM1 App then open the App on your mobile phone.

· Enter your Username and password

Now enter your username and password in order to login to your user account on WM1 App.

· Click Login Button

After entering your credentials, you have to click Log in button.

How you can use WM1 App effectively?

If you are an employee of Walmart then you can use the WM1 App for the following purposes

· Manage your Work Schedule

You being an employee of Walmart can manage and remain updated with your work schedule and shifts by using WM1 App. WalmartOne’s schedule can easily be accessed through the WM1 App.

WalmartOne Work Schedule

· To access your Paystubs

An employee can also access WalmartOne paystubs through WM1 App. Complete details regarding the Paystubs can be accessed through the WM1 App. An employee can also save and download Paystubs.

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