Sharing The Lego Experience Through The Lego Survey

Surveys are an important way of communication between the customers and the company. The Lego Group also allows its customers to share their thoughts regarding the Lego toys at


The Lego Group is a Denmark-based company. Perhaps, it is most popular for producing plastic connectable small blocks called Lego. Lego is enthusiastically indulged by children and adults alike. It allows the player to construct buildings, vehicles, figures etc.  The Lego Group was founded in 1932 by Ole Kirk Chritentiansen. The year 2015 catapulted the company to become the largest toys producing company in the world. It employs more than 19000 people and has retails stores around the world.

The Lego Survey acknowledges the need to connect with customers around the world and cater to their needs. Lego is a popular past time for innumerable people. Its popularity comes from a general satisfaction harboured by customers because of its products. By taking the Lego Survey at, people can do their duty as responsible customers and in turn reap the benefits eliciting from the company’s response.


In order to take the Lego Survey, the participant must have:

  1. An invitation to take the survey
  2. A Lego box
  3. A computer or cell phone
  4. Reliable internet connectivity
  5. Access to
  6. Some spare time on their hands


Make sure that you have the things mentioned above. Then do as follows:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the 4 or 5 digit set number found on the Lego box
  3. Click on ‘Let’s go!’ and proceed to questions
  4. Answer all questions correctly
  5. Type in your email if you want to enter into the lucky draw


The Lego Survey is concise and to the point. Anyone with a basic understanding of English will be able to take it. At the start of the survey, the ‘i’ icon provides pictures of the Lego box from different angles, identifying where the set number is. This is of help to the participant because it makes him/her know where the set number is quickly. Furthermore; Links to ‘Terms and Conditions’ and ‘Privacy Policy’ are also given. Firstly, the Lego Survey asks about the identity of the customer; whether he/she is a child or an adult. As the survey progresses, the customer is questioned about the experience of playing with Lego, the instructions, who bought the box and how frequently it is played with. The Lego Survey is an amalgamation of multiple choice questions and open ended questions. The participant is asked to expand on what he/she liked the most about the toy, how it can be bettered and about other sets that can be offered by the company.

The Lego Survey is customer friendly. It presents a ‘progress’ bar detailing the amount of survey completed. It engages the customer and takes little time, about 7 minutes, to complete. At the end, the customer can also enter his/her name in the lucky draw.

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