Empowering Customers Through The Burger King Survey

Burger King has risen to global prominence as a leading fast food giant. 11 million people walk through the doors of its many branches now integrated in 80 countries across the globe. Satisfied customers are an integral part of any venture and smart businesses like Burger King are well aware of this fact. That is why to help gauge the overall performance, cater to customer complaints and keep an eye on fluctuating customer demands; surveys provide a quick and easy way to form a link between the customers and the franchise management.

The Burger King Survey available at www.mybkexperience.com provides customers with a chance to express their feelings regarding the food and service that they experienced on a recent trip to the franchise’s branch. The Burger King Survey majorly comprises of multiple choice questions, a technique which ensures a maximum response in a less amount of time. People will generally find it desirable to fill in a questionnaire and give indefinite answers rather than write answers to questions- an exercise they may deem time-consuming.


In order to voice your concerns, complaints or praise regarding Burger King, you need to:

Once you have the above three things at your disposal, all you need to do is give in a veracious response.

The Burger King Survey: Suggested Improvements:

The Burger King Survey itself is quite thorough and comprehensive. The questions asked range from the customer’s overall experience at the fast food restaurant to his/her gender and age. Some will argue that the survey becomes a little too detailed for comfort when the questions posed range from the temperature and appearance of the fries to the customer’s whereabouts after his/her visit to the restaurant though these are not without reason. Furthermore, the Burger King Survey also gives space to customers to substantiate upon their overall feelings regarding the service. This provides the customer a chance to talk about his/her experience in detail-something that simple MCQs will not suffice.

However, to make the survey more effective and customer friendly, the questions posed should be clearly divided into four sections;

  1. Service
  2. Cleanliness
  3. Food
  4. Monetary feasibility

This will help the person filling the survey, enter data more comprehensively.  At the end of each section, the customers should be given space to enter any complaint or aspect of their service that has been missed out in the section. `

Towards the end of the survey, the person is provided with a ‘discount code’ which he/she can avail on the next trip to Burger King. This is yet another proof of a customer-centric policy as it ensures the survey completion on a happy note and all the more reason for people to revisit the restaurant and reassess the service provided. The Burger King Survey is also a testament to the franchise’s policy of improvement and correcting the fails within its sphere. Such an exercise of giving feedback empowers the customers who can direct the way they enjoy fast food and set new standards. It also keeps the lower tier management on their toes and makes it easy to operate numerous branches spread across the globe.

Lastly, employees who render their services at Burger King are just as important as the customers. Hence, a survey which endeavours to diagnose the predicaments present within the managerial structure will be of absolute advantage. For customer service cannot be of any utility unless the employees are satisfied with the work conditions. A mouthwatering Whooper Burger served by a disgruntled employee will dampen the spirits of any customer!