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OneWalmart Paystub Associate Portal –

If you cannot wait to find out when you will get your monthly paycheck, start using OneWalmart services.

OneWalmart serves multidimensional types of purposes for its associates and employees. In addition to keeping the employees updates regarding work schedules, OneWalmart also assists all of its users get knowledge on how to access paystubs online at the website portal. This OneWalmart Paystub service can assist in clearing pays, remaining updates regarding pay dates or when a particular paycheck is paid.

Step by Step Guide to access the OneWalmart Paystub

If you wish to avail the online services of OneWalmart Paystub then you must follow the step by step guidelines given below:

  1. On your device that is connected to the internet you must visit the following URL to gain access to the OneWalmart Paystub homepage
  2. On the homepage you will see some empty required fields.
  3. In the first one type in your date of Birth.
  4. Then in the next one type in your Walmart Identification Number or the Code of WIN.
  5. In the next field you must type in the Facility Number.
  6. In the end enter the PIN in its respective empty field.
  7. Once you have successfully followed all the steps press the button ‘Sign in’ given in res to gain access your OneWalmart Paystub account.
  8. In case you have lost your PIN somewhere press the button that says ‘Forgot your PIN’ to receive instructions for retrieving it.
  9. If you have no idea about your WIN Number, press the button that says ‘Don’t know WIN?’ to gain access to your account through your Hire Date.

If you are using the website for the very first time you must register for a new account by clicking the option “Register Now” and completing the above stated registration process.

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