Walmart One ASDA: A Subsidiary of Walmart

Walmart acquired the company Walmart one ASDA in the year 1999 and ASDA became a subsidiary. Walmart is a real chain of hypermarkets in USA and it has become the largest retail chain of the world by acquiring ASDA which is the largest supermarket in the UK. ASDA, after being acquired by Walmart has become the second largest supermarket in UK.

WalmartOne ASDA

About ASDA

Asda is a UK retailer. It was founded in 1949 and it serves around 19 million customers per week. ASDA currently has more than 146,000 employees across the UK. ADSA has 584 grocery stores, 18 petrol filling stations, and ASDA living stores too.

Online stores by ASDA also exist. ASDA also owns a clothing retail line by the name George. Customers can avail of the in-store shopping services as well as online shopping. ASDA stores have a wide variety of foods, clothing items, furniture, and other merchandise.

Perks for ASDA employees

If you are an associate of ASDA, you can also login to a special website just for you to also access exclusive benefits for your online account at ASDA. You can also use the Login mentioned below to learn about to access your account with the simple steps outlined below.

Different login pages of WalmartOne exist for the associates of Walmart and ASDA.

WalmartOne ASDA

How to use

In order to use this login procedure, you must have an existing account with ASDA. and you must be able to access the website on your device.

Guidelines for the Login

  • Open the web address for
  • On your computer go to the web address
  • This web address will redirect you to the homepage of

Login your ASDA.WalmartOne user account

Here, in the top right corner of the web page, click on the link labeled as ‘Login’.

Enter your Username and Password

In the given space provided on the web page, enter your Username in the first blank and the password associated with your account in the second one.

Click the Login Button

Click the button that is labeled as ‘Login’ to access your account at once. ASDA associates can now access their details online.

Forgot User ID for

If you are an associate at ASDA and you forgot your User ID for user account then click ‘Forgot User ID’.

Now follow the given instructions on the screen until you regain control of your account.

Forgot Password for

If you are an associate at ASDA and you forgot your password for user account then click ‘Forgot Password’.

Now follow the given instructions on the screen until you regain control of your account.

How to register a new account with

If you want to create a new account with you can do this using these steps.

Open the web address for

On your computer go to the web address This web address will redirect you to the homepage of

Click the ‘Register’ Link

Instead of clicking the ‘Login’ link, now click the ‘Register’ link.

Select the Language Preferences

Select the language preferences and learn about what you will need in order to register for your account.

Learn about the Privacy Policy

Click the links ‘Privacy Policy’ and learn about how your data will be kept secure on the online platform.

Learn about Terms of Use and Other Information

Now learn about other Terms to Use regarding the online user account at

Click the ‘Go’ Button

After accepting all the terms and conditions now click the ‘Go; button.

Enter your Walmart Identification Number (WIN)

After clicking the ‘Go’ button you will be redirected to a new age. Here enter your Walmart Identification Number (WIN)

Provide your Date of Birth

Enter your birthdate in the box provided.

Enter your Hiring Date

Enter the date at which you were hired.

Verify your Identity

Now you have to verify your identity with a captcha

Click the Submit Button

Finally, click the button ‘Submit’ and follow any further instructions to create an online account.

Additional Benefits of using can provide you many employee benefits.

Manage and View your ASDA Shift Schedule

As an employee, you can manage and view your shift schedule of ASDA stores.

Employees can book their Holidays

Holidays can be booked through the online account.

Learn about your Colleagues at ASDA

Employees can also learn about your colleagues at ASDA

Learn about ASDA Employee Discounts

ASDA Employees can avail 10% discount on their in-store purchases during the whole year. At Christmas ASDA employees can avail 20% discount on Christmas purchases.

Also, these employee discounts can only be availed after the probation period of 12 weeks. Employees will also get an ASDA discount card after the completion of the probation period.

Learn about ASDA Employee Benefits

Employee can also find information about ASDA employee benefits on Employees Support        

If you are experiencing any problems regarding the login details of your account then you can call

ASDA WalmartOne HR Shared Services on phone number: +44 0113 2919000

Other than that, if you facing any technical issue regarding the login then call

ASDA UK ISD Service Desk on phone number: +44 0113 8261262

 (Internal: #6123 – Option 2)

Answers to frequently asked questions are available at Colleagues Support page.

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